If you think you’ve got the vocal talent or star power it takes to become a member of the Jones family, prove it! Record an A Capella singing audition (video) and submit it to us.

This is your shot to showcase yourself to the world and tell your personal truth in music. Enter WE ARE THE JONESES FEATURED SONG ARTIST contest now. The winner will be featured in the brand new hit series!

You can drop the beats solo or in a group; no mater what your music style, we want to hear it. From hip-hop, R&B, and rap to country, Latin and rock…if your sound is hot enough, there may be a home for you on WE ARE THE JONESES. The artist we’re looking for will bring straight-up talent, creativity, and stage presence to the table. The elite judging panel will of WE ARE THE JONESES cast, producers and directors will decide who has what it takes.

TO BE ELIGIBLE: •Submit an A Capella video audition •Enter once-either as solo artist or group-(Group entries are limited to a maximum of 5 (five) members.) •Be 18 years of age or older

VIDEO RECORDING TIPS: •No third party logos on clothing or in the background of video. •Video must be :45 seconds or less. •If recording on smart phone, record video horizontally. •Avoid recording in locations with any background noise. •Video should be of solo or group singing only. Please refrain from including commentary.