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We are the Joneses

Season 2

The hit reality series is BACK and better than ever! Season 2 of We Are the Joneses is packed with celebrities, familiar faces and heart-warming stories that you won’t want to miss! Dr. Jones helps a multitude of patients dealing with life-altering issues — from a facial keloid patient contemplating suicide to a transgender woman wanting her body to match her gender-identity. Cathleen dives into the dungeons of her past and uncovers truths that she might not be able to handle. Then the family takes a trip of a lifetime where they learn lessons that strengthen their bond. Stay tuned for the season that will warm your heart, bring a tear to your eye all while making you laugh!

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We are the Joneses 

Season 1

Mondays at 7 pm on Discovery Life!

Episode 1 : Meet the Joneses

Monday 12/30 7 pm

Episode 2 : Boobs & Butts

Monday 01/06 7 pm

Episode 3 : Eyes for Dr. Jones

monday 01/13 7 pm

Episode 4 : God Doctor of Noses

monday 01/20 7 PM

Episode 5 : Hopeless Case

monday 01/27 7 PM

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